Marriage is the biggest decision of a person’s life. It’s the most look forward event for anybody & the one decision that changes or decides the future course of life. Getting married and being in a relationship are two different aspects. You could marry a person who you think you know very well, but after marriage things may turn out not as you expected them to be. Pre-matrimonial investigation plays a big role in helping you decide whether you are taking the right step.

Suspicious behavior, not introducing you to his/her friends or avoiding taking you to his home or sharing his home number.

  • Accusatory behavior or defensive approach when you try to clear up things.
  • Forgetfulness or frequent lying episodes.
  • Odd hours at work or no physical attraction towards you.
  • Avoiding discussing past or getting to defensive when you bring up the subject that relates to past
  • Avoiding to take you to parties or family functions
  • Constantly keeping a tab on your whereabouts.
  • Being overtly obsessive or intrusive.