How will a private detective agency help?

A private detective will arrange for a background check which will provide detailed information about your partner and his activities. A healthy marriage requires confident and faith in the relationship. A background check before saying ‘I do’ ensures whether the person will stand by you through thick & thin or not. Let us have a look at what all background check would cover.

Family background

It’s is equally important for both the families and bride/ groom to be to know details about their respective families. The status that the family hold in the society, their character, occupation, criminal cases (if any) and other personal details.

Infidelity check

If you are in a relationship and want to take this relationship to the next level – marriage, then you must surely invest in an infidelity investigation to know about your partner’s details. He/ she might be very faithful to you but things can change upside down in no time. An infidelity investigation lets you know if he/she is cheating on you or is already married etc.

Income status

People in Dublin are more likely to value a person who earns a hefty amount and expects bride/ groom to earn more. Generally, people claim they work in XYZ company and hold a reputable position and earn in lakhs. But the reality turns out to be false. So, a background verification and get the financial details verified.

Marriage is once in a lifetime affair, and hence, one should not take it lightly. A pre-matrimonial investigation in Dublin will help you get your doubts cleared.

We, Veteran Investigator Services are a private detective and investigation service which provides Pre-Matrimonial Enquiry, Background Checks, Divorce Related / Post Marriage Investigator and many more. If want to do a background check of your prospective bride/ groom, contact VIS today.